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It has been observed that most of the customers do not use measuring instrument and hence result in incorrect doses of the products. If you want to obtain desired results with perfect taste, it is imperative to eat exact dosage and it can only be obtained with a right kind of measuring scoops. Basically, a small plastic scoop is able to make a particular product successful by giving it in the exact amount and hence, bringing in the perfect result; therefore, to achieve the desired result with flavor and precise specifications, the use of perfect measuring scoops has become essential.

  • Being one of the pioneer packaging industries, we have been manufacturing and supplying a qualitative range of plastic measuring scoops, which are effective and durable solution for the accurate measurement of several liquid, powdery or solid form of commodities including
    • - Protein Powder
    • - Baking Powder
    • - Chocolate Powder
    • - Ice Cream Powder
    • - Liquid Form of Detergent
    • - Pharmaceutical Products
    • - Powder Form of Detergent
    • - Pet Food Products and lots more.

  • For manufacturing our plastic scoops, excellent quality materials and latest technology equipment is utilized so that they are durable and long lasting. Our scoops would be of metal, plastic or other materials as per requirements. Our scoops are FDA approved and food-safe.

  • We offer our measuring scoops in clear and blue colour and they vary in sizes from 1ml, 2.5 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 150 ml, etc. They are varying in shapes like flat bottom, rounded bottom or an individual shape that you require.

  • Our plastic scoops are available in several filling capacities with various neck dimensions with an added feature of handles so they are convenient and easy to use.

  • Apart from plastic measuring scoops, we also provide various other packaging products including pouches and custom printed rolls, so along with measurement instrument you can also get durable and innovative packaging solutions for your products at one place, which would be more beneficial for you.

We offer our plastic scoops at the most affordable prices so they would be cost effective and flexible packaging solution for your products. Besides this, the delivery of our scoops is provided by means of DHL and FedEx courier services so that you can get your order within 7 working days in any part of the world. Because of affordable prices, reliability and on-time delivery of our packaging products, we have become one of the prominent packaging industries around the world. So contact us today and we will try to fulfill your requirements of precise measurement and flexible packaging at the best possible way.