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Measuring Spoon

Researches show that generally people take doses of protein powder, syrup or even life-saving drugs without accurate measurements and it will result to react in an adverse manner if taken in wrong proportion. So precise measurement of drugs and other nutritional supplements is very important and it can only be achieved by the use of perfect measuring scoops. We understand the significance of these ‘seemingly trifle issues’- we, at Plastic Scoop, are the ‘precise measurer’ of ‘everything’.

  • We offer measuring spoons, which are produced by utilizing superior grade materials that are rigorously tested using advanced techniques and methodology. The materials we use meet all FDA standards so they are food safe. These plastic scoops are useful for the precise measurement of variety of products including
    • – Baking Powder
    • – Pharmaceutical Products
    • – Coffee Packaging
    • – Chocolate Powder
    • – Liquid and Powder form of Detergent
    • – Protein Powder and many others.
  • We offer you with a comprehensive choice for our measuring spoons via each of our arrays. They are accessible in distinct sizes, dimensions and shapes such as flat bottom level, rounded bottom or perhaps the individual shape as per your given specifications.
  • Our measuring scoops are basically available in clear and blue colour in several sizes ranging from 1ml, 2.5 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 150 ml, etc. These scoops would be of metal, plastic or any other materials and they are durable enough.
  • These measuring spoons are designed with handles so they become terribly easier and convenient for the user to require the definite volume or materials to be used. They are light in weight, safe and simple to be used.
  • Apart from plastic measuring spoons, we also provide various other packaging products including pouches and custom printed rolls, so along with measurement instrument you can also get durable and innovative packaging solutions for your products at one place, which would be more beneficial for you.

So our measuring spoons possess excellent strength and sharpness that make them the most preferable choices in various industrial applications. Furthermore, our scoops are widely applauded for their durability, lightweight, leakage proof nature, exceptional quality and affordable prices within the market. The delivery of our scoops is provided by means of DHL and FedEx courier services so that you can get your order within 7 working days in any part of the world. So contact us today and brief us on what requirements are necessary for each measuring spoons, and we try our best to fulfil your measurement requirements.