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Liquid Measuring Cup

Everyone knows that the use of perfect measuring cups is essential for the precise measurement of different liquid products like oil measurement, liquid dish wash measurement, etc. In short, liquid measuring cups are very conducive in house. Here at Plastic Scoops, we serve you with excellent quality liquid measuring cup, which acts amicable in the measurement and is compatible to the pocket of the customer.

  • Our measuring cups are fabricated by a food safe product known as polypropylene, which is not at all harmful for the user; even FDA acknowledged these liquid measuring cups, which are not only durable in nature but also a cost effective solution for the accurate measurement of several liquid products including
    • - Ice cream
    • - Oil and Grease
    • - Sauces Packaging
    • - Liquid Form Of Detergent
    • - Syrup and various other products.
  • Here, you are able to procure one of the extensive varieties of plastic measuring cups in various shapes, sizes and colours and even material. These cups are accessible in metal, plastic or other materials as per your requirements.

  • We offer our liquid measuring cups in several sizes ranging from 1ml, 2.5 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 150 ml, etc. and they are basically available in clear and blue colour.

  • Our measuring cups are varying in shapes from flat bottom, rounded bottom or even a particular shape as per your given specifications. These cups are equipped with handy handles that make them very convenient, leakage proof and easy to measure the correct amount of the liquid products.

  • Along with liquid measuring cups, we also provide several other durable and innovative liquid packaging products including printed rolls, spout pouches and shrink sleeves, so you are able to get affordable liquid packaging solutions at one place, which would be more beneficial for you.

So our measuring cups possess all the amenities that make them seemly for your company. Moreover, our scoops are approachable at right time throughout the world because we deliver our products via DHL and FedEx courier services, which generally take time of about 6-7 business days. So, we slake your wishes at all costs and never do amiss with our clients and customers. If you still feel unsatisfied with or liquid measuring cups, then try our amenities just for once and we ensure that you will never regret your decision.