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80 cc/ml Scoops/Spoons

CAPACITY 80 cc/ml Scoops
TYPE Square
MATERIAL Polystyrene
COLORS Blue / Clear / Standard; custom available

Measuring Spoons

NOTE: Measurements shown on specification drawings are correct as shown below.

80ml Plastic Scoop 80ml Plastic Scoop - Blue 80ml Plastic Scoop - Clear
Dimensions 54(Diameter) X 43(Height) X 75(Length) 54(Diameter) X 43(Height) X 75(Length)
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Box (500 Pieces) 1 Box (500 Pieces)
How To Measuring Scoop

Being a leading flexible packaging industry, we have been providing reliable and effective plastic measuring scoops/spoons because besides leakage proof packaging, precise measurement is also important for the accurate dosage of several products. We offer an extensive range of measuring scoops/spoons, which are helpful for the perfect and precise measurement of variety of products including baking powder, liquid and powder form of detergent, pharmaceutical products, chocolate powder, protein powder, spices, liquid syrup and oil, coffee and several others. All of our plastic measurement scoops are available in various sizes and shapes and they are manufactured by utilizing high quality materials, which are FDA approved and completely reliable and food safe. We basically offer our 80 cc / ml Scoops/Spoons in clear and blue color and they are varying in shape from flat bottom rounded bottom or even an individual shape that you require. We offer our scoops/spoons at the most affordable within the market.